Thursday, 2 May 2013

Getting somewhere...

I believe I may finally be getting somewhere close to having a diagnosis. :-) it isn't at all what I had hoped for as the condition the consultant thinks I might have is a chronic condition with no cure. He thinks I may have interstitial cystitis which is a very painful condition also known as painful bladder syndrome. They can do things to treat the symptoms but from what my GP has said it is a very difficult condition to treat!!! The pain has been compared to chronic cancer pain .. Which I can imagine would feel like this!!!! I guess once I get a confirmed diagnosis it may make things easier to deal with because at least then I will know why I am in so much agony!!! I have to carry on taking morphine until I next see the consultant and then hopefully he might be able to recommend something else!!! I have been signed off work for another 3 months as my GP thinks that's how long it will take to get me to a manageable level. She did also say that with the condition, it can just go away as quick as it came and can flare up every now and again. She said that I may have a bad bout for a couple of years and then have no problems for 10 years. Then again... I might suffer for ages with no relief :-( I really hope that isn't the case and that something can be done as I really want to go back to work!!!!!!

The picture is a latest picture of me... Not feeling very well at all!! It was on one of the rare days I got myself dressed with my make up on.. I usually spend my days wearing pjs, hair tied back and no make up :-( for any one who knows me... You will know I love my makeup and it takes a lot for me to go without it!!!