Friday, 30 August 2013

Hot Picks: My Top 5 Soap & Glory Products

I've decided that each week I am going to do a 'Hot Picks' post - This will be a quick post where I will pick my 5 favourite products from a chosen brand. If you have a brand you would like me to choose then please do leave a comment and let me know :-)
 This week the brand is 'Soap & Glory' - As you all know I love this brand so for me to only pick 5 products has been really hard!!
1) Soap & Glory - The Righteous Body Butter
Body butter for all over the body. The scent is amazing and lingers on the skin for ages! It leaves your skin feeling super soft & hydrated all day long without leaving any sticky residue behind.  
2) Soap & Glory - Hand Food
Silky smooth hand cream with extracts of lotus flower, smells gorgeous and lasts on the skin. Non-greasy but moisturises to keep your hands super soft.  
 3) Soap & Glory - Clean Girls Body Wash
Great shower/bath gel which cleans your skin whilst softening your skin. Smells like the 'Mist You Madly' body spray - Bergamot, YUM!!
 4) Soap & Glory - The Breakfast Scrub
Sugar exfoliant. Removes all dead skin cells to leave nice smooth skin behind. Smells almost good enough to eat!
 5) Soap & Glory - The Daily Smooth Body Butter
Scented with the 'Mist You Madly' scent, AMAZING!! Clears up dry skin instantly. Leaves your skin feeling hydrated without any sticky, greasy residue.
What are your favourite Soap & Glory Products?

My Night Time Skincare Routine.

I was asked by one of my followers to do a post on my 'Night Time Skincare Routine' and since I love reading other peoples, I thought I would share mine!
As most of you will already know, I like to change the products I use on a regular basis, mainly due to the fact that I like to try new things. These products in this routine are just the products that I am using and enjoying at the moment. The routine always stays the same, its just the products that change now and again.
(Click on the product names to view the products on the websites you can buy them from)
Lets start right at the beginning...
First of all I get into my PJ's - I love my PJ's, I am just so much more comfortable and feel like I can really chill out with them on.
I then tie my hair up and pin my fringe back, ready to start pampering!
I usually sit/lay down on my bed for about 5 minutes just to relax, sometimes I drink a cup of tea and check emails on my phone.
Once I have relaxed for 5 minutes, its time to take out my contact lenses. It is such a nice feeling at the end of a long day to get them out.. especially when I'm tired!
I then get my Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion and squirt a small amount into the palm of my hand. I rub this between both hands for a while and then apply all over my face, including my eye lids. Using large cotton pads I then wipe away the cleansing lotion from my face. With two new cotton pads I place one over each eye and gently rub until all the eye makeup is gone. I take another squirt of cleanser and repeat the above, just to make sure all my makeup has gone!
I like to wash my face with a face wash after cleansing, just to make sure my face is super clean. I use the Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash. I first dampen my face using a muslin cloth and pump 2 pumps of the face wash into the palm of my hand, I rub this between both hands and then apply all over my face, including the eye area and massage into my skin until a lather has formed. I soak my muslin cloth in hot water (hot enough to tolerate), wring it out and lay over my face for approx. 2 minutes. This helps to open the pores and clean any impurities out. I remove the face wash using the muslin cloth after the two minutes and splash cold water all over the face to close my pores. I dry my face with a hand towel.
I apply a small amount of Manuka Doctor ApiClear Facial Toner to a large cotton pad and sweep over the face. I particularly like this toner because it helps to eliminate the cause of blemishes and provide a clearer complexion. Although I don't get a lot of blemishes, when I do, they seem to last quite a while. Since I have been using this toner I have noticed that I get even less blemishes than normal and when I do get them they are gone within a few days.
If I have any blemishes at the time then I use an Avon Clearskin Professional Clarifying Toner Pad to help sooth and refresh the skin, followed by applying a small amount of the Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion to the affected area to help minimise pores, control oil and prevent/eliminate blemishes. The Avon Clearskin range works very well for me when I do have blemishes and unlike some 'spot treatments' I find the Avon range doesn't dry my skin out.
I then apply my moisturiser, I change moisturisers quite often, depending on the condition of my skin. If my skin is particularly oily then I use Clarins Ultra Matte Rebalancing Lotion For Oily Skin, this moisturiser contains an anti shine formula and instantly mattifies the skin whilst still providing hydration and soothing/calming any redness. A cheaper alternative that I sometimes use is the Superdrug Simply Pure Mattifying Moisturiser - This is specifically designed for combination skin and can be used on the most sensitive of skin too! It instantly mattifies the skin whilst hydrating without clogging your pores. If my skin is feeling dry and in need of moisture then I use Johnsons Rehydrating Night Cream For Normal Skin which helps to replenish moisture that has been lost during the day and hydrate your skin overnight. Another favourite of mine is the Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser which is ideal for normal or combination skin. It is very lightweight and helps to rebalance the skins condition whether that be oily or dry. I mainly use this on the days my skin doesn't know what it wants to do.   
After applying my moisturiser I wait 10 minutes to let is soak in fully, whilst this is happening I make myself a cup of tea or hot chocolate and usually check Facebook or Twitter on my phone. When 10 minutes is up I apply Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream. This eye cream is brilliant for reducing puffiness and smoothing fine lines and leaves the eye area looking much more radiant, smooth and hydrated.  
Apart from the products changing now and again I stick to this routine and find that it works really well for me!
At the weekend, I carry out a weekly DIY luxury spa each week, I spend time using a facemask/eye mask and generally give my skin a weekly treat using luxurious, indulgent products. I normally combine this with a bubble bath, body scrub and hair mask. I don't normally have time to do this during the week and I usually shower every morning, so when I do get chance to have a bath, I make the most of every second and really treat my body! My weekend DIY spa is my 'Me Time' for the week.  
Would you like me to share my DIY spa routine?
Do you have a specific night time routine that you stick to?

Top 5 Cleansers - From Budget To Splurge.

Now I know I have been a way for a while (find out why HERE)  but I am finally back and what a great way to start with 'My Top 5 Cleansers'. I have picked 5 cleansers that are my all time favourites and products that I continue to go back to. Some of the cleansers are budget friendly and others no so much, there really is something for everyone. They are in no particular order, I like them all just as much! Click on the cleanser names to view where to buy.

1) Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion 200ml - This is one of the best Organic cleansers that I have ever tried. It removes every trace of makeup and dirt, even the most stubborn of waterproof mascara. It leaves the skin feeling very clean, refreshed and hydrated. I love how gentle it is on the skin and it contains Chamomile so if you have any sore red blemishes it soothes and helps to take any redness/inflammation away. It also contains organic rosemary and lemon essential oils which gives the lotion a very nice citrus scent. I notice a great difference in the condition of my skin after using this, it generally feels fresher, brighter and hydrated. It also helps to keep any blemishes away which is a big plus for me. This is currently for sale at £5.99 from the Organic Surge Website.
2) Olay Gentle Cleansing Conditioning Milk 200ml - This is a great budget cleanser that is kind enough to the skin to be used on a daily basis. It is a cleansing milk rather than a lotion, therefore it is thin is consistency so doesn't leave any residue behind. You also only need a small amount due to the thin consistency. It is specifically designed to remove excess oil, makeup and dirt from the face. This cleanser is brilliant for my combination skin and when I use this I do notice a reduction in the amount of oil my skin produces in the day. It is also great at removing all traces of makeup and not much work is required to remove even waterproof makeup. It leaves the skin feeling clean and soft. It is currently for sale at Superdrug for £2.99 (it is also currently included in a BOGOF promotion!)
3) Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - This cleanser is gentle enough to use day and night each day yet it is concentrated enough to remove stubborn makeup and all impurities from the skin. It has been formulated to be used on any skin type which is great if you want to share with a sister, friend or mother. Because it is a hot cloth cleanser it encourages you to wash your face afterwards which is brilliant. The main reason I like using a cleansing lotion or milk is because you have to wash your face after use, meaning no impurities or dead skin cells stay on the skin or clog up your pores. I particularly like leaving the hot muslin cloth over my face for a couple of minutes to open my pores even more and give myself a kind of 'steam treatment'. You only require a small amount of this cleanser so it lasts for ages. It removes all makeup, even stubborn makeup and leaves your skin feeling super clean, refreshed and smooth. I use this cleanser as a treat for my skin as it is very luxurious and rich, leaving your skin feeling like you've had a facial! I notice a huge difference in the condition of my skin and the amount of blemishes I get when using this. It contains Eucalyptus and Cocoa Butter to smooth and calm the skin. This cleanser also doesn't contain any mineral oils and it completely plant based. When you buy the Cleanse & Polish you also receive the muslin cloths to use. Liz Earle currently do all different sizes of this product, ranging from £3.25 for the smallest and £14.75 for the largest size. Click HERE.
4) Garnier Clean & Soft Complete Cleansing Milk 200ml - This cleanser smells amazing! It contains rose extract so it is a very floral scent but it is lovely. It gently removes all makeup, dirt and impurities and leaves the skin feels clean, soft and very fresh. It is thin in consistency so not much is required meaning one bottle lasts for ages. It is also gentle enough to use on a daily basis. It removes even stubborn makeup without much effort at all. I found that it also has a soothing and calming effect on any red areas. Like I have stated above, I have combination skin and I also found that this cleanser helped with oil control if used in the morning before applying any makeup. This is currently for sale in Superdrug for £2.03 which is a saving of £1.02 - Click HERE
5) No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml - Just like the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish this is a luxurious, indulgent cleanser that leaves your skin feeling like you have had a day in the spa. The only difference is that the muslin cloth included with this cleanser is used to gently exfoliate the skin and stimulate circulation. It removes all makeup and impurities with ease and leaves the skin feeling revived, fresh and very clean. It doesn't leave any residue behind after using. It does have a soothing effect to the skin and when I use this I do feel like my skin is in much better condition and much more hydrated. I usually alternate this with the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and use it as a weekly treat when I apply a face mask and give myself a facial. You can find this in Boots for £9.95, click HERE. currently selected No7 products are in a 3 for 2 offer and this is included.  
Have you tried any of these cleansers? What is your favourite cleanser? Can you recommend any more hot cloth ones I could try?

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Little update

I would just like to quickly update you on the reason I haven't been able to blog for the past few days. I don't want you to think that I have vanished! I promise I will be back soon, my blog and all you visitors mean so much to me! Each and every one of you... Yes.. YOU :-)

I have suffered with my illness really badly just lately and this past week I have suffered... BADLY!! Things have been ten times worse. Resulting in me being in my sick bed for days. 

To add to all this drama, my very old cat, that has been my companion for most of my life has been quite poorly. She does have health problems, especially since she is so old and it is inevitable that she will have to be put to sleep at some point in the future. The past 2 days she has been sick and generally very lethargic but today she seems a lot brighter! I need to express to you that she is in no way suffering and she is a very happy, well looked after and spoilt cat! If she ever shows signs of suffering or not having a great quality of life then I will not hesitate to have her PTS. The last thing I want is for her to suffer! She has been to the vets today and we have had a lengthy discussion and I feel much better knowing she definitely isn't suffering! Unfortunately, it has come to the stage where palliative care is the only option though. The vet gave her a steroid injection and she is now on a course of antibiotic eye drops. We know this will not CURE her but it will make her feel a lot better. I have already seen a major improvement! Obviously, one day the difficult decision will have to be made but until that day I am going to enjoy every moment with her! 

The combination of my illness and my cat being ill has made me very down. I have cried so many tears these past few days. I just hope things will get easier from now , especially where my illness is concerned. 

I hope you all understand the lack of blog posts but I WILL be back with the promised 3 posts on Friday. I may even have a bonus post for you :-) 


This is my cat, Poppy :-)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Top 5 Drugstore Lipsticks Under £5

I love trying out new lipsticks but unless it claims to do something amazing or is a high end brand I don't really want to pay a lot. I buy new lipsticks all the time and I never stick to the same one so imagine if I was to pay more than £5 each time! It would cost me a fortune! Obviously, if I always used the same lipstick then I would pay more. I don't think I have ever used up a full lipstick. As with everything, I like to change all the time! I have picked 5 lipsticks that I think are great value but the price tag is kind to your purse! 

1) MUA Lipstick In Shade 5 - This lipstick is from the MUA £1 range and is absolutely brilliant! This is my favourite shade from the range but I do have others that I love! In total, there are 16 shades to choose from. This shade is a shimmery pink that really suits my fair skin. It applies easily and feels great to apply.. is moisturising and hydrating to the lips. It doesn't last all day and you do have to reapply it a couple of times but the wear time is longer than I expected for a £1 lipstick! You can't really grumble when it is only costing £1! It doesn't dry your lips out which is a big bonus for me! I hate having dry lips. The finish with this shade is quite sheer but I like that, it also has a slight shimmer which is nice! You can pick this lipstick up at most Superdrug stores or on the MUA website.   

2) No 7 Vital Brights Lipstick In Shade Blossoming Pink - Blossoming pink is a very sheer light pink colour which achieves a barely there look, I absolutely love the shade! It is perfect for pairing with a more dramatic eye look and it would suit most skin tones. Application is easy and applies smoothly and evenly leaving your lips to feel very hydrated. It is a creamy formula and almost feels as though you are applying a balm rather than a lipstick. The wearing time is good but you do have to reapply throughout the day, this doesn't bother me though as I love touching up! My only issue is the packaging, it is very flimsy and cheap looking which is unusual for a No7 product! This isn't a problem to me as the lipstick itself is great quality! It is currently for sale in Boots for £5.

3)Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick In Shade Heather Shimmer -  This shade is absolutely beautiful. It is a pinky/plum colour with a hint of brown and is great to add a pop of colour to the face. It isn't really dark but it is dark enough to brighten the face. The formula is very creamy and feels lovely to apply to the lips. It is moisturising and hydrating to the lips. It claims to last up to 8 hours and I do agree with this claim. If you are looking for a lipstick that doesn't need reapplying that often then this range is perfect for you. It also doesn't dry out throughout the day and feels hydrating all day long which is brilliant! It also holds the colour well! When it does fade, it fades evenly so isn't noticeable. There are other shades available in this range. This is currently for sale at Superdrug for £4.99.

4) Barry M Lipstick In Shade Coral - This shade is just as described and is a beautiful coral colour. This is perfect for daytime or night time wear. It applies smoothly almost gliding on with no effort and feels very soft! It only takes one swipe to get an opaque colour. It contains natural moisturisers which keep your lips hydrated for hours! The wear time on this is quite long and I find I only have to reapply once or twice in the day. The finish is beautiful and very high shine! There are also other colours in this range which I have a couple of and they are consistent with the formula. This is for sale for £4.49 at Superdrug.

5) NYC Expert Last Lipstick In Shade Red Flame - I thought I best include a red lipstick in my 'Top 5', this is my favourite one that I have under £5 and I absolutely love it! It isn't the brightest red that I have in my collection as it applies quite sheer and has a slight pink tone to it. However, it is different to other reds I have due to the fact that it has a shimmery, metallic finish. I love how moisturising this is to the lips and how long it lasts. It currently retails in Superdrug for £1.99 which is an absolute steal for a product that is as good as this!

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? What is your favourite drugstore lipstick?  

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Herbs That Heal (From GirlXplorer)

I found the post below on a wonderful blog called GirlXplorer! GirlXplorer is one of my favourite blogs and I just couldn't resist sharing this with you all!

At the moment, I am really interested in herbal remedies, especially since I have become ill! I hate taking tablets from the Doctors. They have so many side effects and surely can't be great for your body and overall health.
I have printed this chart off and its now stuck on my fridge! I will certainly be going out and purchasing some of these herbs and trying them!
Do you use herbal medicine? Are there any that you swear by?


Life has become all about eating well & staying healthy, living “clean” and feeling great about our-self. The fact that I want to drop those excess pounds and coz after shredding those pounds getting glowing skin will be an added bonus! So, when…

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser Review

I have been using the 'Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser' for at least a year now! It has to be one of my all time favourite moisturisers and the one that I continue to go back to.
It claims to leave your skin feeling hydrated for up to 7 days. This is the claim that sold this product to me! I am quite lazy so anything that claims to make my life easier or means that I don't have to use it as much is perfect for me!
It comes in 5 different variations so there is a bottle suitable for everyone. I have the dry to extra dry skin bottle, although I don't have really dry skin I figured that this would provide even more benefits! This particular bottle contains Shea Butter and L-Bifidus which have been specifically chosen to combat dry skin and prevent moisture loss. The variations the product comes in are:
- Dry to extra dry skin - containing Shea Butter & L Bifidus
- Normal skin - containing Aloe Vera
- Dry and rough skin - containing Cocoa Butter
- Dry skin - containing Mango Oil
- Sensitive skin - containing Calming Honey
It also comes in two sizes, small & large. The small size is 250ml and the large is 400ml.
I love applying this product to my body as it absorbs into the skin really quickly, meaning there is no waiting around before you can get dressed! It smells lovely too, it is a very fresh, floral fragrance and it lingers on the skin. It immediately makes your skin feel hydrated and eliminates any rough, dry patches you may have. You do need to use this for 7 days to get the full benefits of it. I did notice a major improvement in my skins condition after 7 days, although I didn't think my skin was dehydrated in the first place as I do use moisturisers/body butters every day, it must have been, as after 7 days it felt so different and in an overall better condition.. really hydrated, silky smooth and I didn't have any dry patches! I even use this on my feet as the soles can become a bit dry now and again and this eliminates that too!
On the bottle, it recommends using for 1 month and then you can stop moisturising for a whole week and your skin should still feel as soft and hydrated as when using it. I now use this product twice a week after showering and this helps to maintain a high level of hydration at all times. I use other lotions/body butters the other days of the week as a kind of top up. As you know, I like to change my moisturiser often so that is the only reason I do not use this every day of the week.
The small size of this is currently for sale at Boots for £2.09 and the large for £3.33. (These prices are discounted - they are usually, small £3.14 and large £4.99) Even when they are not on offer, they are great prices for a product that has all the benefits that this has! To take a look at the whole range click HERE. At Boots, they are offering a free gift with selected skincare items and the Garnier Intensive 7 Days is included.

L'Oreal Brow Artist Eyebrow Pencil Review

I have been looking for a brow pencil that works for me for as long as I can remember. The problem I have is that I am fair skinned. The blonde pencils can sometimes be too orange for me and the brown can sometimes be too dark! I thought I was never going to find one that actually worked.
That was until I was sent the L'Oreal Brow Artist Super Liner in shade 03 Brunette. It is a 3 in 1 brow pencil that comes with the brow colour, a fix & finish wax and a shaping brush. The idea is that you draw the line from the bottom of the brow and work toward the top to quickly create a natural looking defined brow look. You can easily create a brow look that suits you, from, a soft & romantic brow to a strong brow. Once you have created the look you want you use the soft brush to blend and shape to your natural brows. This is then fixed using the wax on the other end of the pencil. Applying this will ensure there is no smudging and make sure that the brows stay the same all day long!
I was very surprised that this worked for me, especially since I was sent the shade brunette. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and I will continue to use this product and will definitely repurchase!
The shade is absolutely perfect, I do have to be quite light handed to ensure it isn't too dark but as long as I do this then it is the perfect shade match.
The brush is brilliant too and ensures that the brow looks natural, there are no heavy lines and you cannot see any pencil lines like you can with some brow pencils, these are all blended away whilst still maintaining the look you created.
What I love most about this pencil is the texture of it, it is hard enough to be very precise and draw thin lines but it is also soft enough so you can create the look you want quickly and evenly. This also means that the product will last longer as you don't have to press down really hard, therefore not wasting product.  
The fixing & finishing gel even does what it is suppose to and keeps the look all day long! There was no smudging and my brows looked the same at the end of the day as they did when I first applied the brow pencil! I have never experienced a fixing wax before and I didn't expect much from it. I have only used gels in the past. I didn't quite understand how applying a pencil wax over the top wouldn't ruin the look I had created, but it doesn't! The colour stays the same and it doesn't alter the look, it just perfects it and holds it in place for the day.
In the range their are three colours to choose from blonde, brunette & dark brunette. I haven't tried the blonde pencil as I was sent the brunette but when I re purchase I will give the blonde a try. I have heard that the blonde tone is ashy rather than orangey, I may have finally found the perfect brow pencil after all this time! Until I run out, I am very happy to continue with the brunette pencil. As I said before, if you are fair skinned you can use the brunette pencil lightly which is the perfect shade match in my case. My mum has even been using this pencil and she isn't as fair as me so it really does suit any skin tone.
I would highly recommend this brow pencil, even if like me you haven't been able to find the perfect pencil for a while!
It currently retails for £5.49 which is an excellent price for such a good product. There is also currently an offer on at boots - All L'Oreal cosmetics are 2 for £14. You can find the brow pencil HERE.
Have you tried this brow pencil? Is there another brow pencil you could recommend?

*PR Sample 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Lipstick Of The Day - Wet & Wild, Glam & Care.

Todays 'Lipstick of the day' is from Wet & Wild and part of the Glam & Care range.
The shade doesn't have a number or name, instead, it has a code which is E81522. It appears to be a dark pinky plum shade in the tube but once on the lips it is quite a light pink/plum. I think this is due to the fact that it applies really sheer. The shade is lovely and is the perfect colour for me and my fair skin. It adds a pop of colour and helps to brighten up your face. I have been wearing this shade with a smoky brown eye but it could go with pretty much any make up look. Below is a photo of me wearing the lipstick.
What I especially like about this lipstick and what sets it apart from all the others on the market is the 'care' element. In the middle of the lipstick there is a white moisturising balm. As you apply the lipstick, this mixes in with the colour. It is absolutely brilliant, it applies well and really makes your lips feel moisturised and hydrated instantly. This lasts for quite a while as well as the colour staying on the lips well. When it does fade, it fades evenly which is important to me when choosing a lipstick. I think this is a great lipstick and I love the fact that I can care for my lips whilst still wearing lipstick rather than only tinting the lips with the balm.
I bought it from Cosmetic Fairy which is one of the very few places you can find Wet & Wild in the UK. Cosmetic Fairy is an online discount cosmetic website. It also has a points system called 'Fairy Points' which works just like the Boots Advantage Card where you get 4 points for every £1 you spend. The only difference is that you can spend your points to partially pay for your order. Cosmetic Fairy also offer free UK delivery for all orders over £10. Delivery to the US is based on the weight of your package but starts from $10. 
With items starting from as little as 20p ($0.31), you can get a truck load of discounted makeup! The Wet & Wild, Glam & Care lipstick cost me 99p ($1.55)... What an absolute bargain!! You can find it for sale HERE or to just check out the Cosmetic Fairy website click HERE 
Today it is my Birthday so I made sure I was looking my best! We went out for lunch and then for a couple of drinks at our local tonight! I will do a separate post on what I got for my birthday but I have had a really nice chilled day with my family! It has been lovely to spend some time with them all!
Have you tried the Wet & Wild, Glam & Care lipsticks? Do you know anywhere else Wet & Wild can be bought in the UK?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Beauty Deals

Everyone loves a discount or a sale, I know I do, especially when they are beauty or fashion related! I have been trawling the internet once again for the best beauty deals that are currently out there and let me tell you this... there are an awful lot! To save us being here all day, you reading and me writing.. I've narrowed it down to my top 10 deals!
(Click the highlighted writing to go directly to the product/website -It will open in a new window)
1) Avon are currently offering FREE delivery on all orders over £15. What a perfect time to shop with them as they also currently have a Holiday Shop where you could find your self saving up to 70%!! You would be crazy not to take a look!

2) HQ Hair sell a range of beauty products including drugstore and high end and offer free worldwide delivery on all orders. They are currently offering 10% off on all orders until 1st September 2013 when you enter the code VCODESHQAU at checkout OR 20% off when you spend £50 or more and enter the code MUSTHAVE at check out.
3) One of my favourite beauty websites, Feel Unique (FU), has a sale on where you could find yourself saving up to 60%! FU also offer FREE world wide delivery, so the price you see is the price you pay!
 I've had a browse through the sale items and there are some excellent deals available.
Here are my Top 3:
- MOA, The Green Balm (A great cleansing balm!) 50ml, RRP £9.99, FU £7.99
- Seche Vita Dry Fast Top Coat, RRP £10.95, FU £8.76
And.. if you need some new makeup brushes then FU is the place to go. Real Techniques currently have 10% off the entire brand (Only on the Feel Unique Website).
4) Cheap smells is a discount online beauty shop that offers up to 85% off the RRP. This has to be one of the best deals on the net as you can get products such as Estee Lauder, Beautiful 100ml, RRP £70 for £61! That's a saving of 13%. Another great deal I found was the Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows, Box 1 which contains 9 individual shadows, RRP £27. Cheap Smells price is £19.45 which is a 28% saving. This website is definitely worth taking a look at as they have many great deals that won't be found anywhere else!
5)The Body Shop are offering 30% off all orders, including all sale items when you enter the code 14321 at checkout. They also have their raved about 'Hemp Hand Protector' at 50% off, meaning that you get a whopping 100ml for only £5!! If hemp isn't your thing then there are a whole array of other hand creams & hand washes in the Hand Care Offer where you can save up to 50%.
6) Benefit are offering up to 50% off all of their sale items. The best deal by far is the 'LeeLee Get's Flirty Box' which includes :
Full size 'Laugh With Me LeeLee' fragrance
'Thatgal' deluxe mini
'Benetint' deluxe mini
'The POREfessional' deluxe mini
The RRP of this box is £39, yet Benefit currently have it in their sale for £26, an absolute steal and perfect for trying a range of different Benefit products!
Benefit are also giving away 2 FREE samples, that you get to choose, with every order.
And.. if that isn't enough, spend £40 and get FREE standard delivery. 
7) Selfridges have the perfect deal for all the GHD fans! They have a range of different GHD stylers & hairdryers with £20 off the RRP. For example, the GHD Gold Classic Styler - RRP is £125, with £20 off they will only cost £105. To get the £20 off you must enter the code GHD20 at checkout. 
8) Fragrance Direct is yet another one of my favourite online discount beauty stores. It sells a whole range of beauty products from high end to drugstore. There is something to suit everyone's budget. They are offering FREE delivery on all orders over £20 when you enter the code RNB2 at checkout.
My favourite deals from Fragrance Direct are the nail polishes. They have a selection of OPI Nail Polish for £3.99, and yes, that is for the full size 15ml bottles! Essie Nail Polish is on offer at £1.99 and once again that is for the full size 13.5ml bottles!
9) Superdrug are offering FREE delivery on all orders over £25. This is automatically applied at checkout.
10) I have found an Elemis Outlet that offers up to 60% off the RRP of Elemis products! This means that you can get products such as the 'Elemis Pro Collagen Hand & Nail Cream 20ml' for a mere £2.89.That isn't a full size product but it is perfect for trying a range of Elemis products before committing to the full size versions or even just for taking away on holiday to save room in your luggage! The Elemis Outlet also has a deal on where you can get 3 full size Elemis products for the price of 2 by entering the code AUG3FOR2 at checkout. 
 Do you know of any beauty deals? What has been your biggest bargain this Summer?

Get to know me - Love V Hate

I thought I should take this opportunity to share a little bit about myself - I am always reading other peoples Blogs and thinking I wish I knew more about them as a person and not just a blogger! I think it helps you to understand the Blog a lot better and it becomes a lot more personal.
I am not going to write paragraphs and paragraphs about myself, as quite clearly I would find that boring, to write and to read! Instead, I am going to do a  Love V Hate post - 25 items I love and 25 items I hate! They are going to be random 'loves' & 'hates' - obviously some of them will be beauty related.

Everything Beauty
Moths & Spiders
My iPhone
My Kindle/Reading
Pink (The Colour)
Soap & Glory
Being Poorly
People That Smell
Bergamot/Shea Butter
Chicken Kiev
My Dr Dre Beats/Music
Olly Murs/JT/Michael Buble
Horror Movies
Candy Crush Saga
Big Brother
My Family & Friends
Getting Up Early
My Cat (Poppy)
Text Talk
Food! – Fave = Cottage Pie
Alcohol - Lager/Malibu
Late Parcels
Receiving Flowers
Miley Cyrus
Fancy Dress
Green Tea
My Job
Losing Possessions
My Pandora Bracelet
Breaking Nails
Fashion/Shopping/High Heels
Selfish People/Rude People
Summer/The Beach/Road Trips
How Quick My iPhone Battery Drains
Onion Rings & Space Invaders
Rubbish TV – Misfits/Breaking Bad

You will not believe how much of a struggle I had compiling the list of loves & hates! The time was mainly spent on my list of hates as I just couldn't think of any! As you can see, I have that many things that I love, I have had to group some of them together. I expected it to be a really easy task and to have only taken me a couple of minutes to write the list. This just shows that I am a lover and not a hater :-)
I've had a lot of fun doing this post and it certainly put my brain to the test!
Do we share any of the same 'Loves' or 'Hates'?
Leave a comment below with 5 hates and 5 loves that you have.