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Friday, 19 April 2013


Today I am going to have a moan about falling off my bed! Yes you heard right! I was stupidly attempting to get a book off my shelf and I lost my footing and fell onto my bedside table... Ouch! Not only have I now made my abdo pain worse, I now have a stiff,swollen and very bruised leg :-( It's my own fault really as I shouldn't have even tried getting the book from the shelf.. I should have asked someone but I hate bothering people and I think my family are getting quite sick of me not being able to do things for myself! Anyway... there going to have to do even more for me now as I can hardly move due to increased pain from my abdomen and my back... I honestly didn't think the pain could get any worse! I was proved wrong as I am in even more excruciating pain now :-( When will this end!!!

I don't know if  I have already blogged about my appts... I have received two appts through the post. One to have a CT scan and the other for a Cystoscopy... both of them are over one weekend at the end of April! Yes... a weekend. I was confused about that too!!! And to make it even more bizarre .. one of the appointments is after 5pm on the Sunday!!! I'm hoping that after these two appts I will be sorted and can go back to work.

I was doing some CPD work tonight and I have realised just how much I actually miss work :-( I cannot wait until I am well enough to go back.

I am currently trying to type with my cat sat under my arm!! Guess she didn't want me to blog today aha!

I have also realised today that I haven't linked my Twitter in any of my posts. So here goes.... If you would like to follow me (I will follow back!) go to : @LauraAtkin 

Monday, 15 April 2013

My Dad Has Joined The Poorly Club.....

I am a bit worried about my Dad at the moment, my Mum has had to take him to Hospital tonight as his side of his face has gone numb.
I haven't told you but, he was admitted to Hospital on Friday night as he has been suffering with severe headaches and the GP thought he may have Temporal Arteritis - which is a throbbing artery in the side of your head which can cause all kinds of problems such as a stroke.
Anyway, his bloods tests didn't support this so he was sent home with some pain killers and asked to wait for a CT scan appt to come through the post... The hospital is absolutely rubbish!
He is still suffering with headaches and now tonight this has happened.
I really do hope that he is ok.
Looks like it is going to be another restless night for me as my Mum has asked me to stay awake so she can let me know how he is getting on.
So I am sat in bed trying to find something to take my mind off that and also my pain!!!
I have had a rotten day, been feeling sick for the majority of the day and also my pain has been really bad. Hoping that I will hear from the hospital sometime soon with an appt to have my CT scan done. (Nothing like using up all of the NHS resources lol - what between me and my Dad, I think we have definitely had our moneys worth recently).

Sunday, 14 April 2013

MUA Lipstick Review

Lipstick in Shade 14 - Bare

The first product I am going to review is the MUA lipstick in shade 14 – Bare. 
This product cost me £1 and I think this is exceptionally good value. I have only worn the product once but it did last for quite some time. 
Where it shows the colour on the bottom of the lipstick it can be unscrewed and there is a little tester pot which I think is very cute. My finger won’t actually fit in the pot to use it like a lip balm but it will be great for using with a lip brush. 
For £1, I think the packaging is ok, it isn’t as high end as some of the more expensive brands obviously... but what do you expect for £1. 
The lid fits on tightly, therefore ideal to put in your handbag without getting lipstick all over!  
The lipsticks come in 16 different shades from red to nude. I’m not usually a nude lipstick person but for £1 I thought I would give it a go and I have to say I am very very pleased I did. 
The lipstick I bought in shade 14 applies very nicely, it is very creamy and it looks very glossy once on the lips, this particular shade is also very workable and can be built up depending on the look you are going for. The lipstick is in fact very moisturising and I didn’t find that it went dry at all, unlike some cheap lipsticks do. The smell of the lipstick is lovely, it is sweet and vanillary. 
I am definitely going to purchase more MUA lipsticks.
Personally, I think you can’t go wrong for £1 and that they are definitely worth trying out!
I think the best way to purchase any of MUA's products is through their website, at the moment they are offering free delivery for orders over £25. The link for the website is:

Update from the Hospital.

I forgot to say on my last post that I have now seen the Urology Doctor and it has been decided that I will have a CT scan carried out and also a Cystoscopy.
They did a special scan whilst I was there to find out if my bladder was emptying properly and it showed that it was only emptying by 76%. The Dr believes this is why I keep getting UTI's as urine is staying in my bladder for a length of time and bacteria is being produced. The Nurse also tested my urine and once again I have a bad UTI, so I'm on yet another course of antibiotics. This time very strong ones... hopefully they will clear it up, but for how long.. who knows! They think that I may have some kind of blockage, stone or narrowing of one of my tubes. Hopefully, they will be able to find the cause and treat it pretty fast. I would like to be able to go back to work some time next month... Wishful thinking I know.
I am dreading having the CT scan done as I am slightly claustrophobic. I also have to have some special dye passed through a canula in the back of my hand. I don't know if you know but when I went for my colonoscopy, it took the Dr 8 attempts to canulate me. Needless to say, I came out like a watering can :-) Every time I go for my bloods taken or anything like that, it takes them so long to get any from me! My Mum says it is because I don't like sharing haha. Anyway... I will be sure to write another post after I have had all my investigations done :-)

Make-up Reviews

So, I've recently decided that I'm going to start blogging my thoughts on beauty products, including, nail polish, makeup, skincare, hair care and body products.

I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to beauty products and I cannot go a week without purchasing something new for my ever growing collection! I therefore thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share my thoughts on all the new products I buy! Obviously, I am not a professional when it comes to reviewing products but I do know a thing or two about beauty products and I know what I like in a product.

I welcome all of your comments and views and would love you to share any product recommendations that you have!


Sunday, 7 April 2013


Well... I haven't written for a while so I thought it was about time I did!
I haven't slept all night so I'm very tired and grumpy. I have an appointment with the Urology Dpt at the Hospital tomorrow so hopefully they may be able to help me and get me back to normal! God.. I cannot wait for the partying I'm going to be doing once I'm better! At first, the not going out didn't really bother me and I enjoyed the break from having a hangover most weekends but now, after nearly 8 months I would like to go out and have a good dance and a very good drink!!!! I miss my friends most of all! Due to me not knowing how I will feel from day to day, it is so difficult to know if I'm going to be up to visitors or not. Luckily I have understanding friends :-)
Since I haven't been to sleep all night, I have just cheered myself up and done a big make-up shop haha. I love buying make-up!! On the other hand, it was perhaps a bit of a waste of time at the moment as I am currently spending my days not wearing much, if at all any make-up. OHHHH WELL!
I also believe that one of my Guppies is having babies!!! Yes, Guppies are live bearers and actually give birth to the babies, I'm not going crackers ;-) The worrying thing is, we don't have enough room in the tank so goodness knows what will happen if she has loads!!! I read on the internet that they can have anywhere between 20 and 50+ babies every month!!!!
I've recently started sewing and making cushion covers to help take my mind of my pain and other problems, it is indeed quite therapeutic and does help take my mind off it for a short while. My cushion covers are even quite good, even if I do say so myself. My mum must think they are good too as she has allowed them in the lounge!!!