Thursday, 21 March 2013


As promised here is my background... It all started about 9 months ago. I will not go into all the gory details but basically I developed an agonising pain in my lower abdomen that to this day is still present and I do not have a diagnosis yet. The pain has gradually become worse over time and it is now so bad that I have been off work since September and also taking a high daily dose of morphine.. I must have tried every pain killer going! Just so you appreciate how bad the pain is, let me tell you that I wouldn't be off sick from work unless I really needed to be. I'm a fully qualified Dental Nurse and I worked very hard to get to where I am today. I love my job and I miss not working at the moment.

At first my GP thought that my pain and other symptoms were a gynaecological problem and I was referred to a specialist. He wasn't very helpful and at one point had me in tears. I eventually had a Laproscopy carried out, after having appts cancelled, turning up for surgery to be told I had a UTI so couldn't have it done and finally being admitted into hospital. They found no gynaecological cause for my pain.

Let me just tell you, whilst I was admitted into hospital, just days before my Laproscopy, I started having urine trouble, I couldn't pass urine properly, the flow was very weak and I could only produce a dribble each time I went. After the lap, the gynae specialist stated they had found my bowel was distended and slightly twisted and he recommended that I was referred to the bowel specialist and also urology.

I was discharged from hospital and suffered greatly with post op pain as well as the normal pain! A few days later I was seen by my GP and referred to bowel specialist due to the findings of the lap. It was decided that we would wait and see if my wee problems cleared up as despite having numerous painful UTI's throughout, the GP didn't think my symptoms were urological.

So... I saw the bowel specialist and it was recommended I had an ultrasound of my urinary tract and also a colonoscopy... Nothing was found from the ultrasound so we proceeded with the colonoscopy. During this procedure, they found four growths which they removed at the time as well as taking random biopsies. I still have no results from this so I'm guessing ... No news is good news.

To add complications, whilst I was waiting for my colonoscopy appt I developed a serious UTI. This time it stopped me weeing completely and I ended up in A&E. I developed agonising pain in both sides of my back, as well as being unable to pass Urine and a very uncomfortable bladder which made my lower abdo pain worse!!! I was given a course of antibiotics and sent home, the A&E doctor promised I'd be able to pass urine within 24 hours.

This did not happen fully and three days later I was back at the GPs. They tested a dribble of urine that I could now provide and I still had a UTI, blood in my urine and protein present. By this time, I also felt dreadful in myself, very sick, very dizzy and going hot/cold all the time. I was given a different type of antibiotics and once again sent home. To this day, I still cannot pass urine properly and my back is very painful still. My lower abdo pain has worsened once again and I constantly feel sick/dizzy. I have had 4 courses of antibiotics for this UTI and the symptoms are still present. I have now been urgently referred to urology!!!

Throughout, the hospital have been absolutely rubbish and I have been waiting months for appts. They were going to carry out a cystoscopy whilst I had my Laproscopy but the consultant decided against it.... If only he had, I might have been sorted by now!!!

Because my symptoms still haven't eased, I had my blood taken yesterday and provided them with a urine sample. I am now waiting for the results.

Every day is a constant battle and I spend most of my days in bed. I cannot stand on my feet for very long as it makes my lower abdo pain worse. I am on a lot of medication for the pain, including morphine, without it I would be writhing around on the floor screaming. I am still unable to pass anything but a dribble of urine and the pain in my back is still present. I battle with sickness and dizziness each day and take anti sickness medication for this.

I do try my best to have a laugh each day and I have lots planned for once I have made a recovery. My family have been wonderful and I don't know what I would do without them!!! I hope that I will be sorted in the next 2 months and be back at work, living my life to the full!!!!!

This photo shows me during one of my A&E visits (looking very rough) ....

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