Thursday, 21 March 2013

First post for my new blog..

I have been meaning to set up a blog for ages and I have never got round to doing it. I thought it would help me during the tough time I am having at the moment with illness. It will be... somewhere to off load everything clogging my head, somewhere to share my laughs, share my tears and share my opinions. Even if nobody ends up reading it, I will still achieve something in documenting my thoughts, sometimes thoughts which I wouldn't say aloud. In my next post I will start with my background story and from then on I will attempt to blog every couple of days with new developments, feelings and hopefully share some humour. I intend to include pictures throughout, mainly for my entertainment :-) I hope you will learn through reading my blog that I like to find a laugh within most things... Even if it is at my own expense. Life is only short and should be lived to the maximum everyday!!!!

The photo shows my cat, Poppy! She had been with me the majority of my life and I love her to pieces :-)

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