Monday, 29 July 2013

Crown Brushes

Hey Guys, 

I have recently been looking for some new make-up brushes - I thought it was about time I treated myself to some good quality brushes that will last well! The main ones that I was looking for were eye shadow & eye liner brushes. I do already have quite a few different types of eye brushes but none that I would class as being good quality. I did also purchase a few other brushes as I couldn't help myself!

I have heard many good things about Crown Brushes in the past but I have never got round to ordering anything before now! 

The first thing I noticed once I logged onto the Crown Brushes web page was how easy the whole site is to use! I don't know about you, but, if I can use the site then I am more likely to place an order than if I have to play around for ages looking for things! Everything is organised into the categories of brushes and they really sell every brush you could ever imagine!!! They really do have something for everyone! From starter brushes for as little as 99p to professional brushes that pro make-up artists use! They do individual brushes or brush sets, they also sell make-up palettes, accessories & disposable make-up tools, so seriously, whatever you are looking for you are sure to find it on this site! 

Crown Brushes are known for their high quality products at amazingly reasonable prices and I just cannot wait for my order to be delivered! Another positive is that postage is only £2.99 and I have been told that the delivery is very very quick! 

I will be doing a full review on the brushes once I receive them. I already know that I won't be disappointed though! 

Here is a list of the brushes (and links) that I have purchased:

B23 Square Fluff - A square fluffy shadow brush used for application & blending - £2.19 
BK30 Badger Blending Fluff - A round fluffy brush used for application on the lid & blending - £3.39
BK17 Deluxe Round Angle Stippler - Angled brush for blending - £4.79
BK38 Deluxe Crease - Used for blending or for light application across the lid or socket - £3.69
C139 Stiff Tapered Crease - A stiff tapered brush used for crease work - £3.09
C160 1/4" Angle Liner - An angled brush for applying eye liner - £2.39 
BK41 White Taklon Square - A flat brush used to line and define the eye - £2.39
C105 Tapered Blush - A blush tapered blush brush for shading & highlighting - £5.39
C104 Angle Blush - An angled contour brush - £5.79
CLS150-0 Flat Taklon Camo - To be used for concealer - £1.00

The brushes I have chosen are from a mixture of different ranges, although, I would say that most of them are the low-mid range so brushes can be found cheaper or more expensive than the ones I have picked out.

If you would like to take a look at Crown Brushes then please take a look! I am sure you will fall in love with the products just as much as I have :-)

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  1. Great post! You have definitely got me interested in these brushes. Do you know if they ship to the US? I'll have to go check it out. Nice background btw haha ;)


  2. I believe they do ship to the US!! I have heard so many great reviews about them and I can't wait to try them!!