Sunday, 21 July 2013

Organic Surge Splurge :-)

I recently purchased a few products from Organic Surge. And... I have to say I am absolutely loving all of them!! :-)

At first, I didn't like the smell at all, but now I love it!!! 

The daily moisturiser is my favourite product - it is so rich and creamy and leaves your skin feeling so smooth! 

The gel face wash is also brilliant , it leaves your skin feeling so fresh and clean but doesn't leave it feeling dry in the slightest!

I also bought a cream cleanser which I must say is one of the best cream cleansers I have ever used! I like my cleanser to take off all my makeup including my eye makeup (mainly due to the fact that I'm lazy) - I don't want to be using 1000 different products if I can get away with using just one and this is perfect! It even took off my waterproof mascara in one swoop! No messing about. Once again, it leaves your skin feeling super smooth and doesn't leave any residue behind once you've washed your face with a flannel and water. Using a cream cleanser also encourages you to wash your face afterwards so this gets a big thumbs up from me! 

There are many positives to using Organic Surge products, the main one being that they are all Organic :-) another is that you only need the tiniest amount of product so I can see the items I have purchased lasting me ages! 

I can honestly say that I will be purchasing all of these products again :-) 


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