Tuesday, 30 July 2013

MUA Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation & Loose Powder Review

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Today I am going to review the MUA Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation in shade fair & MUA Matte Perfect Loose Translucent Powder in shade translucent. The foundation comes in three shades, Fair, Natural and Almond and the powder comes in only Translucent. This means that it will match any skin tone as it contains no colour.
The foundation doesn't have a very large selection of shades and therefore would be difficult for some people to find a perfect match. It cost me £2 and I was weary when purchasing it as cheap foundations can sometimes make my skin break out, although it does state on the website that it has been designed for the most sensitive of skin. The shade I chose was a perfect match to my skin tone and I am very fair, it also didn't break me out which was my main concern. The foundation claims to be the perfect blend of skincare and makeup and although I don't agree with this statement I do think it is a very good foundation for the price. When you put it on the back of your hand it does feel quite sticky and thick but this does not translate onto the face! On the face, the foundation is very lightweight and not cakey at all, it is very easy to apply, which I love about a foundation! The coverage is fairly light but can be built up to a medium-ish coverage. I would use this foundation as a day to day product but not if I was going on a night out. As for the matte finish, well... I have combination skin and can be quite oily at times and although it does apply matte and lasts for a couple of hours (with a powder to set it) it did not keep my shine at bay for the whole day and I did have to keep applying the Matte Perfect Loose Powder. Combined with this, the shine was under control but I think if you do suffer from oily skin then you will definitely need to keep a powder with you to touch up throughout the day! The foundation did however last all day (combined with powder touch ups) and didn't slide all across my face.. this is without using a primer. So... I would certainly recommend this if you are looking for a cheaper foundation. 
The loose powder is a great product!! The key is to just apply the right amount else it can look as though you are wearing a mask... If you get this right though, the finish is brilliant and it does keep the shine at bay! It is a very finely milled powder which means it dissapears once applied and absorbs any oil/shine without making you look like you have powder on! Although it says it is a setting powder and will last all day, I used it every few hours to top up as I do have quite oily skin some days. It is very sheer and lightweight, which means that you don't even feel as though you have any on! It is brilliant for those days where you don't want a really heavy make-up look. It retails for £2.30 which is a steal! 

Overall, I think both these products are great for the price and they are certainly worth trying if you are looking for budget products and don't mind having to touch up every couple of hours. 


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