Monday, 15 April 2013

My Dad Has Joined The Poorly Club.....

I am a bit worried about my Dad at the moment, my Mum has had to take him to Hospital tonight as his side of his face has gone numb.
I haven't told you but, he was admitted to Hospital on Friday night as he has been suffering with severe headaches and the GP thought he may have Temporal Arteritis - which is a throbbing artery in the side of your head which can cause all kinds of problems such as a stroke.
Anyway, his bloods tests didn't support this so he was sent home with some pain killers and asked to wait for a CT scan appt to come through the post... The hospital is absolutely rubbish!
He is still suffering with headaches and now tonight this has happened.
I really do hope that he is ok.
Looks like it is going to be another restless night for me as my Mum has asked me to stay awake so she can let me know how he is getting on.
So I am sat in bed trying to find something to take my mind off that and also my pain!!!
I have had a rotten day, been feeling sick for the majority of the day and also my pain has been really bad. Hoping that I will hear from the hospital sometime soon with an appt to have my CT scan done. (Nothing like using up all of the NHS resources lol - what between me and my Dad, I think we have definitely had our moneys worth recently).

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