Friday, 19 April 2013


Today I am going to have a moan about falling off my bed! Yes you heard right! I was stupidly attempting to get a book off my shelf and I lost my footing and fell onto my bedside table... Ouch! Not only have I now made my abdo pain worse, I now have a stiff,swollen and very bruised leg :-( It's my own fault really as I shouldn't have even tried getting the book from the shelf.. I should have asked someone but I hate bothering people and I think my family are getting quite sick of me not being able to do things for myself! Anyway... there going to have to do even more for me now as I can hardly move due to increased pain from my abdomen and my back... I honestly didn't think the pain could get any worse! I was proved wrong as I am in even more excruciating pain now :-( When will this end!!!

I don't know if  I have already blogged about my appts... I have received two appts through the post. One to have a CT scan and the other for a Cystoscopy... both of them are over one weekend at the end of April! Yes... a weekend. I was confused about that too!!! And to make it even more bizarre .. one of the appointments is after 5pm on the Sunday!!! I'm hoping that after these two appts I will be sorted and can go back to work.

I was doing some CPD work tonight and I have realised just how much I actually miss work :-( I cannot wait until I am well enough to go back.

I am currently trying to type with my cat sat under my arm!! Guess she didn't want me to blog today aha!

I have also realised today that I haven't linked my Twitter in any of my posts. So here goes.... If you would like to follow me (I will follow back!) go to : @LauraAtkin 

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