Sunday, 15 September 2013

Facemask of the week..

Hey guys, 

Before I start I just want to apologise for being away for so long. Just so you are aware, for the next month my posts may be a little all over the place. I've had some bad news from the hospital so at the moment I'm working hard to sort that out! I will try my very best to get at least 3 posts up a week for the next month so please keep coming back!! 

Now on to what this post is actually about. My facemask of the week!! 

This week I chose the Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate mask. 

Oh my word this mask smells amazing!! Once again I had to restrain myself so I didn't start licking it off my face!! 

This mask is ultra deep cleansing and contains cocoa butter, jojoba oil & rich cream. It also contains melted white chocolate.. YUM!! It deeply cleanses your skin to help clear/prevent any breakouts and leaving your skin feeling so amazingly soft and looking beautifully radiant. My skin looked absolutely gorgeous straight after removing this mask! It really did look radiant and clear enough to go without foundation!! (Please note: I didn't have any breakouts before applying this mask) The radiance lasted for the whole week which is just great. I really did feel as though I had a new skin. 

Another plus is that I didn't come out in any breakouts after using this mask. I do feel that Montagne Jeunesse masks are the best for not giving you breakouts after using! As you know, the company only use all natural products, which is one of the main reasons I continue to purchase their products.

I once again had enough in the sachet for two applications so my mum joined in the facemask fun!! I frequently save the left overs for the next week by putting them in a sealable bag to prevent them drying out.

I think the whole Montagne Jeunesse range is brilliant value for money.. Most of their masks can be picked up for £1 and most contain enough for two applications!! If you're not a fan of the clay masks then they do also do peel off masks and cloth masks, I believe these are priced a little higher but are still great value for money! 

I would highly recommend the White Chocolate mask, not only does it smell AMAZING!! But it leaves your skin looking good enough to go without foundation for a whole week! (I didn't have any blemishes at the time of using this mask, if you do then I can imagine it will help to clear them but don't expect it to clear your face instantly.. Though.. you will notice that your skin looks better instantly.) 

You can find this mask in most drugstores & supermarkets. You can also find it online at the Montagne Jeunesse website. (Sorry, I can't link as I'm on my IPhone) 

What is your favourite facemask from the Montagne Jeunesse range?



  1. This is my favourite - I completely agree it smells fantastic and makes your skin feel amazing, a real budget gem! Xx

  2. WOW lovely! looks yummy and i have used the similar he sea salt one! It was in some bright blue color.

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