Thursday, 5 September 2013

Liebster Award 2

I have very kindly been nominated again for the Liebster Award by +A. Beniot  from Always Blabbing.
Unfortunately, due to being nominated already I cannot accept this award as such. I am very grateful for the nomination and it means a lot to me that I have been nominated not only once but twice!
To show my gratitude I am going to answer the questions that +A. Beniot  has set.
To find further details on the Liebster Award and to view my previous nomination please click HERE.
+A. Beniot Questions
1. Eyeliner gel or pencil?
Pencil. I find it much easier to use a Kohl pencil rather than a gel.
2. Favourite nail polish. 
OPI Are We There Yet?
3. Dream vacation destination?
Thailand - One day I will get there!!  
4.  Sandals or boots?
Sandals - I cannot stand having hot feet!
5. Favourite Season?
Autumn - I love how pretty everything looks in Autumn and how the sun is still shining but it is not boiling hot and you can still wrap up warm!
6. Favourite Holiday ?
Ibiza with my best friend.
7. Coloured mascara yay or nay? 
No. If a pop of colour is needed then eyeshadow is the way to achieve it!
8. Do you have animals?
Yes. I currently have 2 mice called Ben & Jerry. My cat, Poppy has sadly been put to sleep :-(
9. One make up product you can't live without
Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser - instantly brightens your complexion
10.  Favourite Movie?
PS. I Love You - It is one of the few films that I can watch over and over again!
11. Favourite Food?
Vanilla Brioche! - Lush!!!
Thank you once again to +A. Beniot the nomination means an awful lot to me and I am sorry that I couldn't accept as such.
Please check out +A. Beniot blog @ Always Blabbing, She has some great content as its definitely worth having a look :-)

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