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Monday, 2 September 2013

Rest In Peace Poppy :-(

Last week was the worst week of my life. My OAP cat unfortunately had to be put to sleep on Saturday.
I have never experienced anything like it and it was such a hard thing to do! It was however, the right thing to do.
Poppy has had skin cancer on her nose for the past 18 months, she has already outlived the vets expectations. The skin cancer wasn't causing her any problems, she didn't even seem to know it was there - she was her normal self up until last week.
Last week, she took a turn for the worse and if you read my previous post you will know we took her to the vets and she was given a steroid injection and some eye drops. The skin cancer had eaten away at her nose and made her eye quite infected. She picked up loads after she was given the steroid injection but on Saturday she was having breathing difficulties. We took her back to the vets and I am sorry to say that it was the kindest thing to do to put her to sleep.
She hadn't been suffering at all up until last week but on Saturday she really was very poorly. I didn't want her to suffer at all as she means an awful lot to me! 
She was put to sleep and there were an awful lot of tears from me and my brother. She has been around the whole of my brothers life and since I was little! We were there with her the whole time and we spent time with her afterwards to say our goodbyes.
We have chosen for her to be cremated on her own and for her ashes to be put into a wooden casket with a plaque with her name on the front. She will take pride of place on the hearth and she will always be part of our family.
Poppy will be dearly missed by all of us. I am absolutely devastated, I cannot even remember a day where she hasn't been here. I cannot put into words how much I miss Poppy! The house feels so empty without her and the smallest thing keeps reminding us of her.
Rest in peace Poppy cat - We all love you lots and you will always be part of the family and you will be dearly missed!!!  


  1. I'm so so sorry for what you've gone through. This has happened to me before with my other pets and it's absolutely awful - doesn't matter if it's a pet or a human - it's a LOVED one. The only very small consolation is that your puss isn't suffering anymore. I hope that with time you'll only remember the good things. LOTS of sympathy! Xx

    1. Thank you Charlotte :-) Your support means a lot to me!
      It is still very raw at the moment and a lot of tears are being cried too!
      I've never been through it before which makes it slightly harder.
      She is free from pain which is the main thing and she knows that we all love her a lot and will miss her every day!

      Thank you again for your support!


  2. I am so sorry for your loss, but glad Poppy isn't suffering anymore. I normally mourn for pets more than I do for people so I greatly admire you posting this as I am sure it was very hard. It is a very nice thing to do to remember such an important part of your family. You will never forget your kitty, but I hope in time you can look back on the happy memories and be happy that you had a chance to share them with such a great pet. Lots of condolences. Xx

    1. Thank you Jamie. It means a lot to have such great Blogging Friends around me :-)
      It took an awful lot for me to write that post and I kept having to stop to have a cry :-( I'm glad I did write it though. I know it's daft but I would like to think Poppy has read it and knows how much she means to me!
      I too grieve for pets more than people. I am usually quite strong and hide away my sadness with regards to people and basically either bottle it all up or cry in private. However, with Poppy I just can't do that! I don't think people understand unless they have animals themselves but they are part of the family and when they depart it is a very sad time! I'm feeling a bit better today and I am trying to remember all the happy times we shared :-)
      Thank you once again for your support, it means so much to me!!