Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hot Picks -My Top 5 'Body Shop' Products

So for this weeks Hot Picks I have chosen the brand 'The Body Shop'.
The body shop is another brand that I absolutely love! All of their products are just so luxurious and smell AMAZING! I have picked 5 products which I absolutely love and continue to go back and buy all the time.

1) Moringa Body Butter - No surprises that this is one of The Body Shops best sellers! It has a really nice floral scent and it just smells AMAZING! It leaves your skin feeling super soft and smooth and smelling lovely all day!! £13 from HERE.
2) Moringa Shower Gel - Can you tell that I'm into the whole Moringa range? Once again this smells AMAZING and it lathers up really well, you really do only require a tiny amount! 60ml for £2, 250ml for £4 & 750ml for £12, all from HERE.
3) Wild Rose Hand Cream With SPF15 - This hand cream is one of the best I have ever used! It leaves your hands hydrated all day with only the tiniest amount of product! This is one of my everyday staple products and I think it will be for a long long time! It smells great too! It does say that it is for mature skin and it is suppose to minimise brown spots but who cares if it does what I want it to do? 30ml for £5 and 100ml for £10 from HERE 
4) Mango Body Scrub - I love anything that smells of mango so this was a must have product for me! It is great at removing dead skin cells and leaving your skin soft without the feeling that you've ripped 10 layers of skin off! £12.50 from HERE.
5)Vineyard Peach Lip Gloss - I haven't tried anything else from this range but if the lipgloss is anything to go by then I will be super happy! Every time I have it on my lips I want to lick it all off!! It smells that good! It does actually taste really nice too... I obviously had to try it!! It lasts ages for a gloss and it is super super glossy too! £7 from HERE.
What are your favourite Body Shop items? Can you recommend anything I should give a try?

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