Friday, 30 August 2013

Hot Picks: My Top 5 Soap & Glory Products

I've decided that each week I am going to do a 'Hot Picks' post - This will be a quick post where I will pick my 5 favourite products from a chosen brand. If you have a brand you would like me to choose then please do leave a comment and let me know :-)
 This week the brand is 'Soap & Glory' - As you all know I love this brand so for me to only pick 5 products has been really hard!!
1) Soap & Glory - The Righteous Body Butter
Body butter for all over the body. The scent is amazing and lingers on the skin for ages! It leaves your skin feeling super soft & hydrated all day long without leaving any sticky residue behind.  
2) Soap & Glory - Hand Food
Silky smooth hand cream with extracts of lotus flower, smells gorgeous and lasts on the skin. Non-greasy but moisturises to keep your hands super soft.  
 3) Soap & Glory - Clean Girls Body Wash
Great shower/bath gel which cleans your skin whilst softening your skin. Smells like the 'Mist You Madly' body spray - Bergamot, YUM!!
 4) Soap & Glory - The Breakfast Scrub
Sugar exfoliant. Removes all dead skin cells to leave nice smooth skin behind. Smells almost good enough to eat!
 5) Soap & Glory - The Daily Smooth Body Butter
Scented with the 'Mist You Madly' scent, AMAZING!! Clears up dry skin instantly. Leaves your skin feeling hydrated without any sticky, greasy residue.
What are your favourite Soap & Glory Products?

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