Thursday, 22 August 2013

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser Review

I have been using the 'Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser' for at least a year now! It has to be one of my all time favourite moisturisers and the one that I continue to go back to.
It claims to leave your skin feeling hydrated for up to 7 days. This is the claim that sold this product to me! I am quite lazy so anything that claims to make my life easier or means that I don't have to use it as much is perfect for me!
It comes in 5 different variations so there is a bottle suitable for everyone. I have the dry to extra dry skin bottle, although I don't have really dry skin I figured that this would provide even more benefits! This particular bottle contains Shea Butter and L-Bifidus which have been specifically chosen to combat dry skin and prevent moisture loss. The variations the product comes in are:
- Dry to extra dry skin - containing Shea Butter & L Bifidus
- Normal skin - containing Aloe Vera
- Dry and rough skin - containing Cocoa Butter
- Dry skin - containing Mango Oil
- Sensitive skin - containing Calming Honey
It also comes in two sizes, small & large. The small size is 250ml and the large is 400ml.
I love applying this product to my body as it absorbs into the skin really quickly, meaning there is no waiting around before you can get dressed! It smells lovely too, it is a very fresh, floral fragrance and it lingers on the skin. It immediately makes your skin feel hydrated and eliminates any rough, dry patches you may have. You do need to use this for 7 days to get the full benefits of it. I did notice a major improvement in my skins condition after 7 days, although I didn't think my skin was dehydrated in the first place as I do use moisturisers/body butters every day, it must have been, as after 7 days it felt so different and in an overall better condition.. really hydrated, silky smooth and I didn't have any dry patches! I even use this on my feet as the soles can become a bit dry now and again and this eliminates that too!
On the bottle, it recommends using for 1 month and then you can stop moisturising for a whole week and your skin should still feel as soft and hydrated as when using it. I now use this product twice a week after showering and this helps to maintain a high level of hydration at all times. I use other lotions/body butters the other days of the week as a kind of top up. As you know, I like to change my moisturiser often so that is the only reason I do not use this every day of the week.
The small size of this is currently for sale at Boots for £2.09 and the large for £3.33. (These prices are discounted - they are usually, small £3.14 and large £4.99) Even when they are not on offer, they are great prices for a product that has all the benefits that this has! To take a look at the whole range click HERE. At Boots, they are offering a free gift with selected skincare items and the Garnier Intensive 7 Days is included.


  1. What?! Garnier has facial products in the UK?...I'm mad. lol. As far as I know, all we have are hair products. I'm about to go google this, because their stuff always smells so lovely.


    1. We have all sorts by Garnier in the UK haha - face, body, hair! Its a great brand!! And yeah your right it does smell so good! :-)