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Monday, 19 August 2013

My Top 10 Speedy Beauty Tips

We've all been there, the alarm has gone off and you've repeatedly pressed the snooze button until your running so late you have to sacrifice makeup or breakfast. If you're anything like me, you won't think twice before you decide to skip breakfast. Now, I'm not saying these tips will solve all your problems but they sure might leave you 5 minutes to grab a bite to eat!  
My Top Ten Speedy Beauty Tips:
Tip 1 - Hate waiting for your newly painted nails to dry? After applying a top coat, wait 30 seconds before running a bowl of cold water and submerging your hands fully for 1 minute and hey presto, dry nails without the wait.
Tip 2 - Do you get a red shaving rash after shaving? One way to avoid this is to stand under the warm shower water for a good 5 minutes. This helps soften the hairs and makes them easier to shave away, meaning no nasty red rash. I also like to apply baby oil before I dry myself after a shower, the oil helps to lock in the moisture and leaves your skin silky smooth. Another good tip for shaving rash, especially under the arms or on the bikini line is to apply deodorant to the area as soon as you have shaved, it will stop the prickly bumps/rash from appearing.
Tip 3 - Need your lip colour to last all day long? Try applying foundation or concealer to the lips before applying your choice of lip product. It acts as a primer and gives the lip colour something to stick to.
Tip 4- Run out of nail polish remover? Place a clear top coat on the nail and remove with a cotton pad straight away. Make sure to do one nail at a time as it needs to be removed whilst wet.
Tip 5 - Can't find your hair serum or even worse you've run out? Don't panic! Use a pea sized amount of baby oil and smooth through the ends of your hair. Shiny silky hair in a flash.
Tip 6 - No time to wash your hair? Take some talcum powder or even loose face powder and swirl a brush round, tap the brush to get rid of excess and apply to the roots. This will soak up any grease and nobody will know you slept in,
Tip 7 - Just about to head out the door and you break your nail? Don't rip it off and think you have to spend time sorting your manicure out when your already half an hour late. Apply a small amount of super glue over the torn part, wait for it to dry and then buff with a nail file. If you have time then you can go over this with nail polish but if not it should hold until you have time to sort it fully.
Tip 8 - Have you woken up with brows that don't seem to want to behave? Take a clean toothbrush, spray hairspray onto the bristles and gentle brush your brows to tame them. The hair spray will keep them tamed all day long.
Tip 9 - Have you woken up to a fake tan disaster? Streaky legs and orange arms? Make an exfoliating paste by mixing baking soda with water and rubbing over the affected areas. This should gently start to remove the fake tan and leave you looking a little less Umpa Lumpa. If the baking soda alone isn't enough then you can apply the baking soda paste to half a lemon and rub over the skin.
Tip 10 - Looked in the mirror and your face resembles flaky pastry? If your foundation has gone cakey don't panic, use a clean damp sponge all over the face paying to smooth out the foundation, make sure you blend it all in and you're as good as new! 
What tricks do you use when your in a rush? Would you like to see more of this type of post?


  1. Great tips! Baby powder and corn starch are other good products to use in your hair if it's a tad oily and you don't have time to wash it. :)


    1. Oooh! I never thought about Corn Starch.
      Great tip Jamie!


  2. tip 8 is so useful! don't you just wish brows have their mind of their own and behave well? haha :P

    1. How I would love for them to do that haha! With that tip it is super easy to get them under control! :-)

      Take care