Thursday, 22 August 2013

Herbs That Heal (From GirlXplorer)

I found the post below on a wonderful blog called GirlXplorer! GirlXplorer is one of my favourite blogs and I just couldn't resist sharing this with you all!

At the moment, I am really interested in herbal remedies, especially since I have become ill! I hate taking tablets from the Doctors. They have so many side effects and surely can't be great for your body and overall health.
I have printed this chart off and its now stuck on my fridge! I will certainly be going out and purchasing some of these herbs and trying them!
Do you use herbal medicine? Are there any that you swear by?


Life has become all about eating well & staying healthy, living “clean” and feeling great about our-self. The fact that I want to drop those excess pounds and coz after shredding those pounds getting glowing skin will be an added bonus! So, when…


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog Laura ;)

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