Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My 10 Favourites Of The Week.

Hi Guys,
As promised, here are my favourites of the week! I like to change the products that I use quite often as I like to try new things all the time. But these products are products that I will definitely be using again in the future and I will be using them until they run out :-)  
Body Shop Moringa Body Butter - I absolutely adore this product! It smells wonderful and leaves my skin feeling so smooth for the whole day! The smell lingers for the day too which is brilliant as it is such a nice scent! I love all of the Body Shop butters but this is my all time favourite and the one that I keep buying & buying! At the moment, The Body Shop have all of their body butters at half price! So what a perfect reason to treat yourself :-)
Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel - Onve again, I buy this product purely for the scent! There is something about the Moringa scent that has me hooked!! And as with the body butter, the smell lingers! They do a smaller size of this too for £2 which is great if you want to try before buying the larger size!
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara - This has been my daily mascara for as long as I care to remember! It is brilliant and makes my lashes thicker, longer & more visible with no clumping or gaps. I love the brush that comes with this too, it is a spoon brush and makes applying so much easier by applying the correct amount of product and not getting it all over your face!
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Polish - I love love love this colour! It is such a summery colour and one that will be on my toes for most of the summer! And the ultra glossy finish is AMAZING! These polishes are brilliant and for only £3.99 it's an absolute steal! Check out my full review here.
Superdrug Fruit Source Shea Butter & Bamboo Shower Cream - The smell of this makes me want to eat this product instead of apply it to my body! Smell is one of the most important factors when I am choosing beauty products and this definitely passes the smell test! It has a lovely lather and leaves your skin feeling really soft! At the moment this is on offer for 89p at Superdrug!
MUA Eyeshadow Pearl In Shade 24 - This has to be one of my favourite eyeshadows. It is super pigmented, doesn't crease, is easy to blend and work with and lasts all day without a primer! And it only costs £1! This is amazing value for a product of such high standard! I love the colour of this single, its a deep plummy, purple shade and looks beautiful on the eye. I like to wear this blended in to a light cream shade, forming a slight smokey eye. The MUA single eyeshadows come in 34 different shades so there are plenty to choose from!
Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser - This is a brilliant moisturiser that I use on a daily basis! I mainly use this product under my makeup or before bed. The scent took me a while to get use to as it is quite citrusy but the product leaves your skin feeling super soft & hydrated for hours!!! You can tell a difference in your skin almost instantly. It doesn't make you look really shiny either, so for those days with no makeup this can just be worn alone. I have been using the same pot of this for over 3 months now and I use it everyday, this just shows how little product you need! And don't forget, all the ingredients are organic! Check out my full review here.
Bed Head By Tigi After Party - I have been using this for over 2 years now. It is great for when I straighten my hair as it smooths down all the little fly away hairs without making your hair greasy! It smells lovely too which is an added bonus!
Colgate Max White One In Fresh - I don't know if I have told you all before but my day job is as a Dental Nurse, so teeth are very important to me! This product gently whitens your teeth up to one shade whiter in one week whilst also having all the power and effects of a great toothpaste! It comes in two flavours, I found the flavour Fresh to be the nicest and leave the nicest taste in your mouth after brushing. This is the toothpaste I would recommend to anyone who wants to brighten their smile as it is gentle enough to use everyday whilst still removing any staining! This will not whiten your teeth as such but it removes staining to get your teeth to their natural colour.
OPI Nail Lacquer In 'Are We There Yet?' - I am a big fan of OPI, I love the formula of all their polishes and the colour range is spectacular. This is my favourite polish this week. I love the colour on both my fingers and toes and the staying power is amazing! With a top coat, this can last well over a week! Check out my full review here.
So there we go guys, 10 weekly favourites of mine! Let me know if you would like to see any of these products reviewed in depth!
I have linked all of the products to sites where I feel the best deal is but this isn't to say there aren't other offers and other places where you can get them all from! (Just click on the name of the product)

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