Thursday, 15 August 2013

My Current Top 4 Drugstore Blushers

Hey Guys,
Today, I thought I would share with you my top 4 Drugstore Blushers that I am using at the moment. 
All of the Blushers vary in price but I think they are all great value for money and great all round Blushers. I have included an Elizabeth Arden Blusher which I would class as being Mid Range but it was bought from the Drugstore! They are in no particular order.

From L to R - L'Oreal Project Runway, Rimmel Lasting Finish, MUA Blusher, Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue.

1) L'Oreal Project Runway Super Blendable Blush In Shade Charming Cockatoo's Blush (425) - This Blusher is unfortunately limited edition and they have now stopped selling it in Drugstores. However... I have found it on Ebay, priced at £3.79 (Click HERE) It is also available in the USA on Ebay for $9.99 (HERE) - It is available in 3 other shade too which are also available on Ebay. This Blusher is a rich warm rosy shade with a slight hint of shimmer, it is a very 'natural' shade which looks beautiful on the apples of the cheeks. It does what all good Blushers should do and adds a natural 'blush' without making you look like you have tons of Blusher on! It is pigmented enough to transfer colour to the cheeks easily but it is not so pigmented that you have to be light handed. I am generally quite heavy handed when it comes to products like this so this is perfect for me. The colour can be built up and it is very easy to blend. The texture of the blush is quite powdery but I found that this didn't transfer to the cheeks. Overall, this is a brilliant product and I would highly recommend it!
2) Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush In Shade Santa Rose (010) - This is another 'natural' warm rose shade. This Blusher looks even more 'natural' on the cheeks as it doesn't contain as much shimmer as the L'Oreal. It is very soft in texture and easy to work with, it blends lovely on the cheeks and can be built up to the look you want to achieve. As with the L'Oreal, it is pigmented enough to get enough colour on the cheeks but you don't need to be careful applying. The finish is sheer yet flawless once applied to the cheeks and the wear time is amazing! Rimmel state that it is long lasting and smudge free, I agree totally! I can usually go all day without having to reapply this Blusher once (I have combination skin.) The only thing I am disappointed about with this product is the size of it! You don't seem to get an awful lot of Blush. It is only £3.99 though and it is great quality which I would personally rather have! Rimmel do other shades in this range which I am yet to try as I love this shade so much! This Blusher and the other shades can be found in most Drugstores, it is currently priced at £3.99 in Superdrug (Click HERE)
3) MUA Blusher In Shade 1 - I love this Blusher! I use this when I want to wear a light pinky bubble-gum shade rather than a natural looking rose. It is such a gorgeous pink and looks lovely on my fair skin. I would imagine that it would look great on any skin tone though. This Blusher is very highly pigmented so you do have to be a little bit careful when applying. The best thing about this Blusher is the price. It is only £1 on the MUA website - £1 is brilliant value for such a great blusher! It doesn't last as well as some of the other Blushers and it can be quite powdery when it is first applied. I have found that the powdery finish soon disappears after about 10 minutes of it being on the cheeks. And who cares... it is £1!!! Unfortunately, MUA @ Superdrug have now released 6 new blushers and stopped selling these exact ones - they have even given the new shades names! You can still get this Blusher from the MUA website HERE for £1 (you can also get all of the other old shades from the website too!). The closest match to the shade in MUA @ Superdrug is Bubble-gum and that can be found HERE, also for £1. The other shades in the new range can also be found at Superdrug! So if you fancy introducing a pop of colour to your face take a look at the MUA Blushers.
4) Elizabeth Arden Colour Intrigue In Shade Pink Glow (04) - Before I start telling you how wonderful this Blusher is I will just let you know that I can no longer find this exact shade anywhere on the internet! I originally bought mine from Boots for £24 - Although I cannot find this exact shade there is currently a choice of three shades available on the Fragrance Direct website for £4.50 - Nearly a £20 discount! (Click HERE) - Because I cannot find the shade I won't talk too much about it but I will just say that if you can get your hands on the shade Pink Glow then you will love it! It is quite different to the other Blushers that I have as it is a rosy shade yet it also has a pink tone to it. The formula of this Blusher is also amazing. It isn't powdery at all and once it is applied to your cheeks it will stay there for the whole day! As with the L'Oreal and Rimmel, it is pigmented enough to transfer the colour to your cheeks but not so heavily pigmented you end up looking like a Clown! It can be built up easily and it blends really well, it takes very little effort to blend into a natural looking 'blush' look. It also comes with a little brush and a mirror inside the compact which is great for taking out with you. The packaging also feels very hardwearing to me so you can put it in your handbag and not worry about your blusher crumbling into a 1000 tiny pieces! The shade Peach Sorbet would be my next choice as it looks like a lovely peachy/rose shade - that can be bought from Fragrance Direct for £4.50 HERE. I think £4.50 is an absolute steel for this Blusher!  
Let me know if you have found any of these Blushers cheaper or if you can find the EA in shade Pink Glow!
What are your favourite Drugstore Blushers? Do you share the same ones as me?


  1. well here in greece we don't have such thing as drugstore make up :( we have normal make up where u can find in stores and the expensive make up where you can find at sephora ,etc.A maybelline blush for example can cost up to 16 euros which is about 22 dollars :( And with that price you could buy a benefit one or a sephora one in america!! that sucks......

    1. That doesn't sound very good at all!
      I complain all the time that makeup is cheaper in the US than in the UK but I won't be doing anymore! I didn't know you didn't have access to drugstore makeup in Greece. That sounds really expensive for Maybelline!
      You will have to fly over to the US and treat yourself to some makeup! - I would love to visit the US and get tons of makeup haha!
      Can you get makeup cheaper online?

      Take Care