Friday, 30 August 2013

My Night Time Skincare Routine.

I was asked by one of my followers to do a post on my 'Night Time Skincare Routine' and since I love reading other peoples, I thought I would share mine!
As most of you will already know, I like to change the products I use on a regular basis, mainly due to the fact that I like to try new things. These products in this routine are just the products that I am using and enjoying at the moment. The routine always stays the same, its just the products that change now and again.
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Lets start right at the beginning...
First of all I get into my PJ's - I love my PJ's, I am just so much more comfortable and feel like I can really chill out with them on.
I then tie my hair up and pin my fringe back, ready to start pampering!
I usually sit/lay down on my bed for about 5 minutes just to relax, sometimes I drink a cup of tea and check emails on my phone.
Once I have relaxed for 5 minutes, its time to take out my contact lenses. It is such a nice feeling at the end of a long day to get them out.. especially when I'm tired!
I then get my Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion and squirt a small amount into the palm of my hand. I rub this between both hands for a while and then apply all over my face, including my eye lids. Using large cotton pads I then wipe away the cleansing lotion from my face. With two new cotton pads I place one over each eye and gently rub until all the eye makeup is gone. I take another squirt of cleanser and repeat the above, just to make sure all my makeup has gone!
I like to wash my face with a face wash after cleansing, just to make sure my face is super clean. I use the Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash. I first dampen my face using a muslin cloth and pump 2 pumps of the face wash into the palm of my hand, I rub this between both hands and then apply all over my face, including the eye area and massage into my skin until a lather has formed. I soak my muslin cloth in hot water (hot enough to tolerate), wring it out and lay over my face for approx. 2 minutes. This helps to open the pores and clean any impurities out. I remove the face wash using the muslin cloth after the two minutes and splash cold water all over the face to close my pores. I dry my face with a hand towel.
I apply a small amount of Manuka Doctor ApiClear Facial Toner to a large cotton pad and sweep over the face. I particularly like this toner because it helps to eliminate the cause of blemishes and provide a clearer complexion. Although I don't get a lot of blemishes, when I do, they seem to last quite a while. Since I have been using this toner I have noticed that I get even less blemishes than normal and when I do get them they are gone within a few days.
If I have any blemishes at the time then I use an Avon Clearskin Professional Clarifying Toner Pad to help sooth and refresh the skin, followed by applying a small amount of the Avon Clearskin Professional Daily Correcting Lotion to the affected area to help minimise pores, control oil and prevent/eliminate blemishes. The Avon Clearskin range works very well for me when I do have blemishes and unlike some 'spot treatments' I find the Avon range doesn't dry my skin out.
I then apply my moisturiser, I change moisturisers quite often, depending on the condition of my skin. If my skin is particularly oily then I use Clarins Ultra Matte Rebalancing Lotion For Oily Skin, this moisturiser contains an anti shine formula and instantly mattifies the skin whilst still providing hydration and soothing/calming any redness. A cheaper alternative that I sometimes use is the Superdrug Simply Pure Mattifying Moisturiser - This is specifically designed for combination skin and can be used on the most sensitive of skin too! It instantly mattifies the skin whilst hydrating without clogging your pores. If my skin is feeling dry and in need of moisture then I use Johnsons Rehydrating Night Cream For Normal Skin which helps to replenish moisture that has been lost during the day and hydrate your skin overnight. Another favourite of mine is the Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser which is ideal for normal or combination skin. It is very lightweight and helps to rebalance the skins condition whether that be oily or dry. I mainly use this on the days my skin doesn't know what it wants to do.   
After applying my moisturiser I wait 10 minutes to let is soak in fully, whilst this is happening I make myself a cup of tea or hot chocolate and usually check Facebook or Twitter on my phone. When 10 minutes is up I apply Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream. This eye cream is brilliant for reducing puffiness and smoothing fine lines and leaves the eye area looking much more radiant, smooth and hydrated.  
Apart from the products changing now and again I stick to this routine and find that it works really well for me!
At the weekend, I carry out a weekly DIY luxury spa each week, I spend time using a facemask/eye mask and generally give my skin a weekly treat using luxurious, indulgent products. I normally combine this with a bubble bath, body scrub and hair mask. I don't normally have time to do this during the week and I usually shower every morning, so when I do get chance to have a bath, I make the most of every second and really treat my body! My weekend DIY spa is my 'Me Time' for the week.  
Would you like me to share my DIY spa routine?
Do you have a specific night time routine that you stick to?


  1. I love Burt's Bees lip products but have never tried nay of their other products so interesting to read:o). Xx

    1. I too hadn't tried any other products apart from the lip products until a few months ago and I am in love haha! I will definitely be trying more Burt's Bees in the future :-)

      Take care